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ICF Next × GoodLife Fitness

The future of fitness

Elevating the digital experience of one of the world’s largest fitness club chains.
The future of fitness
ICF Next x GoodLife Fitness

The situation

With more than 1.1 million members and over 400 clubs across Canada, GoodLife Fitness is the fourth largest fitness club chain in the world.

Their goal is to give everyone an opportunity to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. But with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, it was impossible to deliver the in-club experience members had come to expect from GoodLife.

So we brought the club to them.

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Allison pushes through the pandemic thanks to virtual personal trainingA mom working out alongside her young daughter at home

The solution

With the help of Adobe Experience Manager, we worked with the company to create GoodLife On-Demand, a digital-focused workout experience that members could use while clubs were closed.

GoodLife On-Demand includes virtual classes, workout plans, mental health resources and premium content created by GoodLife and their partners—as well as enhanced search and filter capabilities that made it easy for members to find exactly what they needed.

These capabilities, along with the valuable insights about members’ fitness habits gained through Adobe Analytics, allowed us to create a personalized digital experience that brought the expertise—as well as the sense of community—that you would find at a GoodLife club into the homes of millions across Canada.

A screenshot of On-demand Virtual classes on the GoodLife Fitness website
A woman working out with kettle bells at homeA woman sitting on a yoga mat with a laptop in front of her. The laptop shows a video conference of others participating in the same yoga session
A screenshot of the GoodLife Fitness On-demand homepage

The impact

By empowering members to keep exercising during a time when businesses were closed and helping them focus on both their physical and mental well-being, we helped GoodLife do more than just address a business need—we helped them address a personal one as well.

We put people first, and people paid more attention to GoodLife.


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