hydrogen value proposition

There are many opportunities for hydrogen to play an important role in a low- to zero-carbon energy transition.

Through this infographic we’ve identified various business opportunities throughout the lifecycle of hydrogen. 

Production; Business opportunities; Curtailed energy making hydrogen; Dedicated renewables (Green); Low carbon  hydrogen production  (Blue)
Electric system; Renewable generation; Fossil generation; Nuclear generation; Pyrolysis; Steam methane reforming; Electrolysis; Gas  system; Fossil fuel & biomass; Biofuel  plant; Renewable generation
Infrastructure; Business opportunities; Hydrogen  blending; 100%  hydrogen pipelines; US-hydrogen export; Dispatchable low or no-GHG power
Delivery; Global Market; Liquid & Gas Tankers; Pipeline; Carbon Sequestration; Storage; Natural gas field; Depleted natural gas storage; Salt cavern storage; Storage Tanks
Applications - Business opportunities; CHP systems and back-up power; Duel-fuel transport; Low or no-GHG steel; Methanization; Fuel cell EVs; Re-designed  appliances;
Electric grid; Dispatchable 0-GHG Power; Combustion; Fuel cells; Conversion; Power & heating; Transportation; Synthetic fuels; Manufacturing/industrial processes; Agriculture; Metalurgy
Business opportunities legend