Our new approach lets people have a hand in shaping their world.

Every day, people are bombarded by messaging from various media. Sometimes this leads to an action such as a purchase. But most often these transactions are quickly forgotten. However, when we engage in the creation of these stories, they hold a much deeper value. Through Participation, we help clients build an emotional connection with the people they care about most.

Experience sets the stage.


Starting with awareness we move customers along journey to engage with an experience.

Participation is what can come next.


However, through Participation we’re able to generate advocacy, and sometimes even cause people to share in a company’s identity.

A c t i o n
I will repeatedly choose you over all other comparable options.
I will be an ambassador for you with people who matter to me.
I feel an emotional connection akin to a relationship with you so I stand by you.

Continuous Relationship

Participation is built on reciprocal, two-way relationships between the brand or organization and four core groups: customers, colleagues, constituents, and communities.

Each of these audiences may require a different path, but by embracing an ongoing feedback loop that we actually listen to, Participation paves the way for meaningful impact and a host of sustainable business outcomes.

Delivers into market
Needs evolve
Adapts and improves
Gain value

Moving up the curve requires a thoughtful mix of art and science.

Participation Activators

Our four Participation pillars are what allow clients to have this reciprocal relationship with their stakeholders to move beyond Experience.


To help our clients drive Participation with the audiences they care most about, we think about our capabilities in four critical areas. Hover over each Activator to learn more.


To drive strategy.

Through cross-cutting analytics capabilities, wide-ranging strategic expertise, data scientists, leading tools, and proprietary methods, we use data-driven insights to strategically set the correct course and in the end, create proven results.


To enable connections.

Encouraging your audience to participate with your brand, in the right place at the right time is crucial. We ride the forefront of technology, educating and inspiring our clients to implement and manage the best platforms for their best success.


To maximize impact.

Building participation with your audience requires the right people, doing the right things in the right ways. It requires optimized operations and data-driven investment. When you work with us you can be certain that no effort goes to waste.


To architect relationships.

Our unique approach to creativity builds loyal brands through breakthrough, culturally relevant storytelling. Through moments of participation and engaging people to share your brand with others, we create more meaningful and authentic relationships between brands and people.

To learn more about how we drive Participation for our clients, explore our Activators or check out our work.